I hope you don't feel bad for ever liking Voynov. No one could have seen this coming and all you can could is support his family and the team. Hopefully he is getting help and his family is being taken care of! I'm gonna stay off of Tumblr today because I REALLY REALLY don't look forward to hearing all the assholes make comments on the Kings :(. STAY STRONG!!

No i don’t really… I just feel overwhelmingly disappointed and angry he did that. Yeah, i just hope his wife and daughter are okay honestly. She was released from the hospital so hopefully she is somewhere where she feels safe with their daughter.


most importantly, hopefully the victim is ok


i’ve seen posts and tweets that basically say “HAHA KINGS” and i just want you to know that you fucking suck. you’re really going to sit there, in the wake of finding out that a person was abused by someone close to them, and your first thought is “i can use this to make fun of a hockey team”. go crawl back into your hole. scumbag

Tanner Pearson, amazed by gloves

The Benns + The Benn Language